Start a Program

One of the many purposes of the SC Crime Stoppers Council is to promote, encourage, advise, and assist in the creation of local Crime Stoppers organizations throughout the state of SC. The Council also certifies local member Crime Stoppers organizations so that they may benefit from the privileges and immunities set forth in proposed and enacted state legislation, specifically the SC Crime Stoppers Act.

The following guidelines have been established to assist in forming new Crime Stoppers programs:

  1. Establish a nonprofit corporation

  2. Recruit Board of Directors – Volunteer Board

    • Governing body of the Crime Stoppers program made up of members of the community it serves

    • Maintain a civilian majority to qualify for certification

    • Minimum of 3 directors (IRS rule), national average is 9

  3. Determine incorporated name

    • Verify name is not already being used

    • Check availability of web domains since a website will likely eventually be established

    • Board of Directors names will be listed

  4. File Articles of Incorporation

  5. Prepare Bylaws

    • Establish purpose and generate mission statement

  6. Register with the IRS

    • Complete form 1023 to obtain 501(c)(3) status (tax exempt)

  7. Register with the SC Secretary of State as a charitable organization

The SC Crime Stoppers Council and the SC Crime Stoppers Coordinator are available to assist in this process upon request. Please do not hesitate to reach out with inquiries.